Home School Karate

Karate for the entire family since 2003
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 Homeschool Karate-Cross Training

We offer an affordable martial arts program for the entire family

Our program is available as a 4 DVD set with workbooks.
The training package includes:
  1. Dealing with a Bully - From a Biblical perspective
  2. Beginners Karate
  3. Intermediate Karate
  4. Advanced Karate

Each disk is packed with a strong foundation of material which can be viewed over and over in the DVD format.

Uniforms and training equipment are available for purchase upon request.
We also offer Belt testing via video mail-in.

Our entire program is based on a Biblical approach to self defense and there are no eastern mysticism / philosophies associated with our materials. 

This is a fun,
safe and practical martial arts program for the whole family.

To View or Order Products:

1.     Click on Store/Products at top
2.     Or call:  208-610-2677


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